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4th March 2018

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12th September 2015

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baCK for more in 2019

2nd April 2019

For 2019, we are heading back to France. We have enjoyed our previous two tours in France immensely - Le Petit Tour De Manche and Pirinexus, which spanned both France and Spain -  and in particular cycling the large network of safe green cycleways, the Velo Vert, which criss-cross the country well away from traffic.

The Tour De Grionde is a 295 mile circular route starting and ending in Bourdeaux, and takes in the  heathlands of Gascony to the vineyards and great castles of the Medoc region. It passes through the Arcahon basin and along the Atlantic Coast line, circling around the Gironde estuary back to Bordeaux. It uses traffic-free cycle paths for 90% of its length, which is fantastic!

It promises a lot of varied terrain and interesting sites along the way, including some hills, forested natural parks, rugged coastline and two ferries to shake it up a bit. 

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Bon voyage!